Where Is Home For RVers?

Where Is Home For RVers?

Where Is Home For RVers?


If you live in your RV full time, you’ve probably been asked countless times where home is. To you, home is right behind you in that glorious vehicle you’ve taken on to travel, see more of the world, and live the good life. Explaining that to people who don’t live to travel can be difficult.


Home is where you park your RV. You may get your mail somewhere else. Your family may be spread around, but you gave up a physical location to call home the day you decided the country itself was home. All parts of it. You travel, set up the RV someplace for a few days or even a few weeks, and that becomes home.

As the full time RVer, you get the benefits of being able to stay somewhere you really want to see more of with the freedom to pack it up and leave when you choose. This truly makes home the vehicle you’re occupying. But home is also the places you’ve lived before you chose this life. Where you grew up, went to college, made a house and home for your family, raised your children. These places are also home but for now, the RV has the main claim on the title.


The word “home” brings a flood of memories and ideas of what exactly a home should look like. A stable place for family to gather, for lives to be lived out of it. And yet the RV fills these requirements as well. Family can come visit, can stay and experience the thrill of travel. You can still do all the things you did before you became a full time RVer. There will be new memories, and new traditions started that make the RV as much a home as any permanent house.

If you hate answering the question “Where is home?” every time you mingle with people, you could give them the easy answer of where you used to live. But when your RV is your home, people might just be interested to learn how it stands up to the title.

If you’re looking for a “Home on Wheels”, we’ve got the right inventory for you! 

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