Why Choose a Travel Trailer?

Why Choose a Travel Trailer?

Why Choose a Travel Trailer?


When you’re looking through the RV market for your next major investment, or maybe your first, you’ll probably notice one of the most prevalent options available is the travel trailer. Travel trailers offer one of the widest selections of models of any RV group, so they’re they ideal RV for someone who’s still trying to figure out what they want. But you won’t just be settling for one of these rigs. 

There are a lot of great reasons to buy a travel trailer, some of which we here at Copley’s RV have listed below. We’re also happy to show you around our travel trailer dealership to give you an up close tour of these models, including new travel trailers. We welcome all current and future RV owners from St. Lucie County, Palm Beach County, and Jupiter Farms, Florida.

What is a Travel Trailer?

We’ll start with the basics so everyone is on the same page. Travel trailers are towable RVs, which means you’ll need a primary commuter vehicle to haul them from one place to the next. They’re not the only towable RV, but you can easily identify them by their bumper pull hitch. These are the kind that stick out behind the tow vehicle, creating a small gap between the two different parts of the unit. Beyond that, you’ll find travel trailers that come in all shapes and sizes to fit all sorts of camping needs.


One of the biggest differences you’ll notice straight away is in the price. Only in a perfect world is money not an object, or a major deciding factor in your buying decisions. Luckily, travel trailers tend to be a lot cheaper than other family-sized RVs. This only gets more relevant as the models you’re looking at get smaller and smaller. We realize small RVs aren’t practical for all campers, but even the bigger rigs are going to be more affordable. 

There’s also less maintenance and upkeep generally involved, especially given you won’t have a drivetrain to worry about like you might for other RVs. If you look for models that are lighter, then you’ll also have the added bonus of better fuel efficiency. Your tow vehicle will have an easier time hauling the trailer down the road and won’t burn through as much fuel. 

Easy Towing

Let’s backtrack to towing. Whether you yourself are the primary driver or you’re going to be the co-pilot, any RV you choose will need to be drivable by the primary driver’s standards. Luckily for you, towing a travel trailer can be a breeze. The bumper pull hitch is easy to use and easy to install. Not to mention, it’ll probably be a little easier to learn how to drive with. 

Bumper pull hitches are also compatible with a wider range of tow vehicle types. This can range from pickup trucks to SUVs and even minivans. You’ll just need to make sure the tow vehicle can handle the extra weight. And that lightweight frame won’t only make for better fuel efficiency, but it’ll simply make driving a lot easier. 

These are some of the most popular reasons to invest in a travel trailer, but there plenty of others out there, some of which we may not have listed but might be the reason you decide to buy one. At some point, you’ll need to check them out for yourself. When this time comes, visit Copley’s RV and let one of our friendly staff members give you the full tour of the models we have available right now. We proudly serve St. Lucie County, Palm Beach County, and Jupiter Farms, FL.

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